The Covid 19 pandemic is going to be around for a while so it is vital to have a website for your business more than ever before. If you have been putting off a new web design then there may not be a better time to improve your company website than right now.

It is no secret that companies which have gone digital are adapting to the crisis better than their peers. While online sales and services were already growing rapidly in many countries, the pandemic has catapulted online retail into overdrive.

Successful businesses prioritise great online experiences and having a website has evolved from important to essential. You don’t need to be a big company to look like one with a professional website design. This gives smaller companies an opportunity to wow consumers with intuitive and functional online experiences.

Improve your Website Design during the Pandemic

Paying for a professionally designed website should be a no-brainer for any size company. Good web design gives your business a good impression and conveys confidence to your audience. This is more important if you are small because a professional site will give your prospects more confidence and by default make you look a little bigger than it would otherwise.

Reinforce your Search Rankings

Even though online users have more time on their hands than usual, they probably still won’t waste it by checking several search results to get what they need. Being one of the first search results in google is vital for your website to be visible to your audience. If you nail your SEO strategy right from the start, you can boost your site’s domain authority, which makes it easier to stay above the competition for a longer period of time.

Keep Brand Consistency

It is important to maintain a consistent voice cross channels, your customers should be able to recognise your company without any obvious branding to guide them. Cultivating a strong brand with consistent messaging will help your business to secure repeat customers. Brand consistency not only increases awareness, it helps to establish a brand as a prominent player in the industry.

Set up an Online Store

Working from home will be cheaper and safer than trying to maintain social distancing protocols once lockdown ends. As a web design company, the change of environment from office space to working from home was easier than a business with physical products. That being said selling physical products online with an ecommerce website can future proof your business.

Show your Audience that you’re still open for Business

Just because most of the world is stood still doesn’t mean you should. Continue to create and share content for search, social media and email during this crisis is an excellent way to show your customers that you’re still here. A successful business prioritises their customers, show them you haven’t forgotten about them. Communicate with your audience with transparency. Use your email newsletter to inform them about any developments, policy changes, or shifts in the business.

The Covid-19 Pandemic doesn’t need to impact your business in a negative way, going digital will not only keep your company afloat during this crisis but will also help future proof your business. The other bright side to having your business online in the form of a website instead of an office space, is that you can appear bigger than you are. Now is the best time to improve your company’s website design and strategy because Covid-19 has evened the playing field for small and large businesses.

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